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Comprehensive Planning

Choosing a financial planner may be one of the most important decisions you make for yourself and your loved ones.  A certified financial planner can play a central role in helping you meet your life goals and achieve long-term financial well-being.  That’s why Servant Solutions offers individualized comprehensive financial planning for all our members.


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In order to process and invest contributions for 2014, Servant Solutions must receive your plan contribution by the end of day Monday, December 29, 2014. Contributions received after the 29th will post in 2015.

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Good News for Pastors!

Servant Solutions works with the Church Alliance, and the CA has been closely monitoring a current case regarding the Ministerial Housing Allowance.  Counsel for the Church Alliance reports “that the 7th Circuit has vacated the District Court’s decision in the housing allowance case and remanded it with instructions to dismiss the complaint for lack of standing.” As noted in the opinion, “We therefore do not reach the issue of the constitutionality of the parsonage exemption.”  This means that the housing allowance, which has been so very helpful to pastoral compensation, is safe for now.  More information to come.

Participant Distribution Fee Notice

A common practice among retirement plans is to assess fees to retirement accounts for some types of transactions.  Prior to 2013 the Servant Solutions Retirement Plan was not subjected to transaction-based fees.  Our recordkeeping partner, the Principal Financial Group®, announced in 2013 that certain transaction-based fees would be implemented.  These $40 fees, previously announced and assessed to participant accounts during the months of May and June, 2013 were subsequently temporarily waived